Composition and classification

Found in Section 14.2 Page 62

Applies to Gender Both

a. The PFU consists of the following components.

(1) T-shirt, athletic, gray.

(2) Trunks, general purpose, gray.

(3) Sweatpants, gray.

(4) Sweatshirt, hooded, gray, with zipper.

(5) Cap, knit, black.

b. The IPFU consists of the following components.

(1) Jacket, running, gray and black.

(2) Pants, running, black.

(3) Trunks, running, black, moisture-wicking.

(4) T-shirt, gray, short sleeve, moisture-wicking.

(5) T-shirt, gray, long sleeve, moisture-wicking.

(6) Cap, knit, black.