Shirts, long- and short-sleeved, maternity

Found in Section 17.9 Page 87

Applies to Gender Female

a. Pre-cured, durable-press, 65/35 polyester and cotton broadcloth, AG shade 415, in long- and short-sleeved versions. The shirt has an eight-button front, a straight-cut bottom, and turndown-style collars with shoulder loops. b. Personnel may wear the short-sleeved shirt with or without the black neck tab. Soldiers will wear the long- sleeved shirt with a black neck tab when it is worn with or without the tunic. Soldiers may not starch or bleach the AG

shade 415 shirts.

c. Soldiers have the option of wearing a neck tab when they wear the short- or long-sleeved shirts with the cardigan

sweater. If a neck tab is worn, soldiers will wear the collar of the shirt inside the sweater. If no neck tab is worn, soldiers may wear the collar inside or outside the sweater. Soldiers may wear the cardigan sweater buttoned or unbuttoned while indoors; outdoors, pregnant soldiers may wear the cardigan unbuttoned.