Found in Section 27.17 Page 168

Applies to Gender Both

a. Type. The neckgaiter is an optional purchase item.

b. Description. The neckgaiter is a dark brown or tan knitted cylindrical tube of approximately 10x15 inches, consisting of 90 percent polypropylene and 10 percent Lycra. The neckgaiter is camouflage compatible; one size fits all soldiers.

c. How worn.

(1) The neckgaiter is authorized for optional wear with the temperate, hot-weather, enhanced hot-weather, and maternity BDUs; with the extended cold-weather clothing system (ECWCS), and other cold-weather uniforms. It may be worn as a neck warmer, hood, balaclava, ear band, or hat in cold, windy, or dusty environments.

(2) Commanders cannot require soldiers to purchase or wear the neckgaiter on an individual basis. However, if the unit purchases the neckgaiter per the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) from within current available operating funds, the commander can require the unit to wear the neckgaiter.