Wear of foreign badges

Found in Section 29.19 Page 312

Applies to Gender Both

a. Personnel may not wear more than one foreign badge at a time. Only those badges awarded in recognition of military activities by the military department of the host country are authorized for acceptance and permanent wear on the Army uniform. The only Vietnamese badges authorized for wear are the parachute, ranger, and explosive ordnance disposal badges. Soldiers must obtain approval from HQDA, in accordance with the procedures provided in AR 600–8–22, to accept, retain, and wear a foreign badge.

b. Males wear a foreign badge 1⁄8 inch above the right pocket flap, or 1⁄2 inch above any unit awards that are worn (see fig 29–84). Females wear the badge 1⁄2 inch above the nameplate, or 1⁄2 inch above any unit awards that are worn (see fig 29–85). Personnel may not wear a foreign badge unless at least one U.S. medal or service ribbon is worn at the same time. Foreign badges are not authorized for wear on mess or utility uniforms. Personnel may not wear foreign badges that are awarded only as cloth badges. Personnel may not wear foreign badges that cannot be worn properly because of size or configuration.



c. The German Marksmanship Award (Schuetzenschnur) is authorized for wear only by enlisted personnel. Officers may accept, but may not wear the Schuetzenschnur. If authorized, personnel wear the award on the right side of the uniform coat, with the upper portion attached under the center of the shoulder loop, and the bottom portion attached under the lapel to a button mounted specifically for wear of this award.