Insignia and accouterments

Found in Section 5.4 Page 29

Applies to Gender Both

The following insignia and accouterments are authorized for wear on the DBDU.

a. Badges (subdued).

(1) Combat and special skill badges (pin-on or embroidered sew-on) (para 29–17a).

(2) Special skill tabs (para 29–17e(1)(b)).

(3) Subdued identification badges (para 29–18d).

b. Brassards (para 28–29).

c. Branch insignia (paras 28–10b and 28–12).

d. Grade insignia (paras 28–5 through 28–7).

e. Headgear insignia (para 28–3).

f. Subdued shoulder sleeve insignia, current organization (para 28–16e(2)).

g. Subdued shoulder sleeve insignia, former wartime service (SSI–FWTS) (para 28–17c(2)). h. Name and U.S. Army distinguishing tapes (paras 28–24a and 28–24b).

i. Organizational flash (para 28–31a).

j. Foreign badges are not authorized for wear on this uniform.